About the band
Guitar & Vocal : Masaki HAYASHI Bass : Sakurai Drums : Kin-san

He'd been playing in several black blues bands as a guitarist for years until one day he re-discovered Jimi Hendrix. He switched to blues-rock guitarist and also started to sing by himself, playing guitar and singing tunes with deep blues feeling penetrated to his body.
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He plays 6-string bass like extension of his body. He's a real man who covers song making, arrangement, producer task all the way to counseling of the band member (me :)

He's originally a pro jazz drummer. Like Mitch Michell, peculiar beat coming out from his drumming is quite speedy and complex, Kin-san kicks ass!

We are the 3-piece blues-rock band formed in autumn, 2003. Initially, a guitarist Hayashi made the band just for wanting to show up at a night of blues festival taking place in a night club "Guppy" in Hinode-chou, Yokohama area. However, when we first got together and played some blues tunes in a rehearsal studio, we found that the unit had quite a potential. Then we immediately promised to get along for the future. It's not easy to maintain full activity of the band because we're so busy at this moment, but we're gonna definitely pursuit of heart of the blues music.

last update : 11/21, 2005
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