Chinese Cooking

Chinese cooking is one of my hobbies that i've been doing for more than 20 years, quite a long time. I can cook many kinds of Chinese dishes and i believe it's almost professional. Sometimes i go cook at client (close friends mostly though) house and get money. It's quite cheap and you'll enjoy full course Chinese dinner! I will cook for you upon request, not very often though..

I wrote an electric book introducing Chinese recipies of my own and published it, all written in Japanese though..

The followings are some photos from my cooking process. Sorry for no explanations but you'll see what's going on in my kitchen :)

Put shrimp into wok and stir-fry

Remove and drain when done

Add ginger, garlic and Sichuan chili sauce

Stir-fry on low heat

Put tomato ketchup and seasonings to make chili sauce

Add shrimp and stew for a while on low heat

Add chopped spring onion and cornstarch to thicken the sauce

Done! Shrimp With Sichuan Chili Sauce

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